Sunday, January 30, 2011

Home Management Binder

A few weeks ago I found this cool little blog called A Bowl Full of Lemons. This blog is all about cleaning and organizing. She just finished up with some daily challenges, only to begin with some weekly challenges. This week's challenge is to build a Home Management Binder. This binder should hold cleaning lists, phone lists, menus, and just about anything else that will help you stay organized and help you run your home smoothly. Now, I've had one before... It was okay...I just didn't use it a whole lot. Right now I have a cheapy folder with menus, phone lists, and so on. This week I'll go shopping for a cutsie binder, ink for my printer, and some dividers so I can make a really cute binder. Hopefully one I'll use.
Go on over to the website above to read more and get some ideas.

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