Sunday, January 30, 2011

Home Management Binder

A few weeks ago I found this cool little blog called A Bowl Full of Lemons. This blog is all about cleaning and organizing. She just finished up with some daily challenges, only to begin with some weekly challenges. This week's challenge is to build a Home Management Binder. This binder should hold cleaning lists, phone lists, menus, and just about anything else that will help you stay organized and help you run your home smoothly. Now, I've had one before... It was okay...I just didn't use it a whole lot. Right now I have a cheapy folder with menus, phone lists, and so on. This week I'll go shopping for a cutsie binder, ink for my printer, and some dividers so I can make a really cute binder. Hopefully one I'll use.
Go on over to the website above to read more and get some ideas.

Obviously I've been away for a long time

Happy New Year everybody!
What have I been up to you might ask? Well, let me tell just tell you. I got real busy with everybody going back to school and the boys playing football, last fall.
When football starts, it's a fulltime job for me. Practice is 3 days per week, with a 4th day filled with games.
Once football was over, I had one kid playing basketball and 2 kids playing roller hockey. This took up 4 days per week, with the others left to do everything else that need done.
Next was Christmas. We drove over 1500 miles to have Christmas with our family for the fist time in like 11 years. What a blast that was. It was wonderful to see the fam, while celebrating the birth of our Lord Jesus. My mother in law really made our visit extra special.
Now we have 1 kid wrestling, 1 kid playing hockey, and 1 taking a break.
While all of this was going on, we worked very hard on our son's room that we're building downstairs in the basement. It didn't help that we are so out of our comfort zone when doing anything down there. We had help with getting the dry wall up and most of it mud and taped. When we felt like we couldn't do anymore, hubby started puting out feelers and found a guy to finish the mud and texture the ceiling. It turned out so good. When we came home from vacation we painted, put down some temporary carpet, and moved the kid in. What a difference it has made having him down there and all the kids having their own rooms. There's less fighting and arguing and less clutter.
So there you life summed up in a nut shell. This next year holds some significant changes mine and my family's lives. I hope you can check back ever so often to say HI!