Friday, January 8, 2010

Today is Kitchen Recipe Swap over at (I need to learn to link w/ the just a name and not use the whole address) . Everybody loves to try out new recipes so this should be fun.

This is a recipe we use all of the time at my house. Sorry, I don't have pictures, but trust me, it's easy. It freezes well, too.

Crockpot Chicken Tacos

4 Chicken breasts (I've used both frozen and defrosted before)

1 C of chicken broth

1 envelope of taco seasoning or your own taco spices

Put everything into the crockpot on high and cook 6-8 hours. When finished, the chicken should just shred apart w/ the help of a fork. That's it! Easy Peasy! Now it's time to build your tacos!

We're ending our week with another "snow day". It's the third one this week, the sixth for the season. It is so cold outside. My poor kids have cabin fever and want to play outside so bad. Aaron was suppose to have his DARE graduation today(which was already postponed from the first storm we had before Christmas). Jordan was suppose to take a test today on German colors, which he's so ready for. Plus, he was to start wrestling practice this week.

Hope everybody has a great weekend and try to stay warm.


Notes from the Homestead said...

Mmmm! Sounds like a great recipe!

Colleen/And Baby Makes Five said...

Oh my goodness ... that's a lot of snow days! So far we've been lucky with only one this year in Maine. That's a rarity for sure.

I love the idea of crock pot anything ... and these chicken tacos sound fantastic! We'll have to try them for our next "Taco Night." Thanks for sharing.

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Donna~One Simple Country Girl said...

Love this recipe! So simple ~ right up my alley! Thanks for sharing. We are on snow day #4 this week here in VA. I can't wait for spring!

Tasha Posey said...

That sounds so easy and yummy!
Thanks for sharing.
~ Tasha

Kim said...

Love crock pot recipes! I'll be trying this one. Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog. I love to see new followers.