Monday, March 23, 2009

Menu Monday

Here is a list of foods I plan on preparing for the week. I don't like to put a day to the meal, but I do well with at least a list of meals for the week. For more lots more menu ideas, head on over to

Baked Potato Soup (had this tonight, yummy!)

BBQ ribs in the crockpot

Baked chicken legs

Sloppy joes

Pork chops

Cheeeseburger pie

Tonight we're watching "storm watch" on the news. For this Southern Cali girl, all the weather we get here is fascinating. I love it! My area is in the clear, but at one point this evening we were on tornado watch. The metro area will most likely get some hail. They're not expecting it for my area. (update: while typing this out, we got pea size hail) It is however pretty darn cloudy and still pretty windy. We've also had a little bit of thunder. Poor Noah, this type of weather just scares the crudinsky out of him. He gets so nervous. The biggest threat now is in Western Iowa. I feel bad for them. They seem to get the worst part of our storms.

We need to get ready for Chris to come home. The kids have made huge messes in the basement and the garage. We've been working on the garage, so tonight we started on the basement. I still have a bunch of toys and books left over from when I had the daycare. I put more stuff in my car for the Goodwill. I have to go to the doctor on Wednesday and the Goodwill is pretty close by so I'll make a drop off then.
While we were working on the basement, Aaron found my name tag for work. It's been missing for a couple of weeks. Of course today I actually ordered a new one so of course it's going to be found. I wonder how it got down there.

Saturday I went to Lowes and bought the wood to make the trencher that Char from It was the first time I did anything like this. I'm just so proud of it

Sunday, while watching Twilight, I worked on this little guy from I had a good time stitching this, just don't turn it over. :-) I also painted the frame I got from the thrift store over a week ago.

Saturday I got my package that I ordered from someplace on Ebay. It came with a shelf, the candle holder and grubby candle, 3 grubby candles wrapped in cheese cloth, the star, the string of hears that I might repaint, some heart soaps, and a porcelain dish. I put the dish and soaps in my bathroom. The lamb came from

That's about all I have today. I hope everybody has a great week!!!!

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